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1065 / LLC Partnership Tax Returns

Tax Return LLC

If you own an LLC in Florida or Delaware, you must file your 1065 Tax Return to the IRS by March 15th of each year.

To make is easier, here's a list of what we include with your new LLC.

Please select the number of properties owned by your LLC to determine the price for this service.

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Free Extension

LLC's must be filed by March 15th. If you need more time, we can help you file an extension that expires Sept 15.

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1065 Partnership or LLC Tax Return

ContadorFortLauderdale can help you file your corporate tax returns from the comfort of your home. Our tax technology allows us to quickly and efficiently prepare your tax return for your business and file electronically with the IRS. Just provide us the info and we'll do the rest.


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Filing requirements

For S Corp1065 or LLC Entities, then you must file your tax return by March 15 of each year. The members of the LLC must also file their personal tax returns by April 15. Extensions may always be filed which generally allows for 5-6 month extension of time.

If your company is a C Corporation, your federal tax return is due April 15.

Important Tax Dates

Below you will find the most common federal tax deadlines.

  Federal Deadline w/ Extension State Filing Required
1065 LLC March 15 September 15 No
1120 C Corporation April 15 October 15 Yes
1120 S Corporation March 15 September 15 No
1040 Individual Return April 15 October 15 Most Cases No

Multi-Member LLC

If your company is an LLC with more than one member, please note that each member of the LLC must also file a tax return. Please see more regarding 1040 Individual Tax Returns.

Single-Member LLC

If your company is an LLC with only one single member, you will not have to file a tax return for your company. You will be required to file only a personal tax return and include your business on the schedule C portion of your individual tax return.

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